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Engaging Video is the greatest marketing tool for any Brand, Business or Non-Profit

Hi my name is Alex Hopkins and I am the owner and creative director of Alex Hopkins studios. We love to help our clients tell their stories through producing engaging Video Content. We believe that nothing can connect you with your desired audience better than Video. Not so long ago Instagram and Facebook were places to post written thoughts and photos- but now they are dominated by Video Posts. The answer why is simple- Video is so much more engaging. Using moving imagery coupled with complimentary sound (including Dialogue, Sound FX & Music) engages an audience like no other medium can. It makes us feel. For businesses, brands and non-profits making your audience feel something is essential for a lasting and productive connection. 

We like to think we are proactive, reliable, accountable and nimble- as an owner operator (with a small team) unlike bigger production companies, we can react quickly and are more budget friendly while not compromising on quality.

We aren't just a Video Production Company. I have a Law Degree & Bachelor of Arts in Advertising, so we fundamentally understand businesses and their marketing/branding needs. We work with our clients if necessary, similar to an agency, to advise them on effective video strategy, including scripting, types of deliverables and project management. We LOVE to be creatively involved and invested with our clients. 

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